How It Works

Why Business Condos? Ultimately, a condo layout divides the cost of land and development into a lower per unit cost.  Without individual building lines, easements, and set-back requirements, we can fit more units comfortably in a smaller space.  It eliminates the need for individual unit road frontage and allows for more parking spaces.

There are 24 Business Condos available and each unit can potentially support 2,250 square feet of space.  There will be four separate buildings formed by three units.

Each unit is 30’ x 50’ on the floor level, but can support a second floor on the front half of the unit.  If you need more space than one unit provides, you can easily purchase two coinciding units and connect them.  It is possible for one owner to purchase all three units in one building, giving them up to 6,750 square feet of business space.

As the units are designed for flexibility of use, it is possible to create multiple storefront entrances, enabling an owner to lease out part of one unit.  This enables owners to supplement monthly payments while being prepared for future growth.

We build each unit to “Shell State,” meaning the foundation, roof and exterior walls will all be consistent in look and feel. The buildings are built with maintenance-free construction, and are engineered and designed for longevity. Your Business Condo is built to last a lifetime.

You can finish out the interior to fit your company’s needs and identity.  Do it yourself, work with our project architect, hire a designer, or contact Miles Construction & Development to help you with your interior finish.

Each unit owner will be a member of a governing Condominium Association, paying annual dues to cover the cost of lawn and building maintenance.  The Association

will assist in maintaining and implementing the office park regulations and restrictions to ensure a safe and professional environment. We desire a community of professional businesses that complement and support each other. Condos