Why Own?

Quit throwing your money away. Every month you pay rent your money is just gone. You can own your space for what you are paying in rent so why not own it?

There are potential tax advantages to owning your own space and you should visit with your CPA before making a decision, but for most business owners it is a great investment in your business and yourself.

The potential for long term appreciation allows you to take advantage of rising costs. Think back to what you paid for rent ten years ago. If it is a good value today just think what it could be in the future.

There are potential tax advantages to owning your own building with the opportunity to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes and other costs.

Your space is built the way you do business. Just how you want it. No more taking what someone else left and making it work. Finish it out to match your business style, conservative or cutting edge, it is your choice.

Owning commercial real estate allows you to generate additional income while you are doing business and can be a great retirement opportunity, giving your family the peace of mind knowing that your hard work can continue to pay off even after you retire.

Bryan/College Station is a great market for business and should remain stable for years to come. With strong growth in our community over the last ten years you are in a great location for business potential. The University keeps our economy stable and the area is strong for Research and Medical growth.

Make the Comparison


2,250 sq ft of shell space at Tower Center will cost between $325,000 and $400,000; and the best part – YOU OWN IT!